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Welcome to the new Thorpe Hamlet Community Information page!  We need your help to keep this page up to date.  Send us news of your local events

Are you interested in joining a new local history group?

A new group has been set up to look at various aspects of the history of Thorpe Hamlet.  Click here for more information

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Our Thorpe Hamlet - a weekend to celebrate our history
Between Friday 29th and Sunday 31st July 2011 a range of events will be taking place in Thorpe Hamlet to celebrate its history.

More info here


 Hi I am one of 8 members of a fairly new team working for the City Council. We each are working intensively in an identifiable patch within the City. I am concentrating on Thorpe Hamlet.

Jeff Compton
Community Engagement Officer
Norwich City Council
Tel: 01603 212216 / 07879 66 8586
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Another One Bites The Dust
Sadly Bakers Arms Pub Closes For Ever

The community pub on St Leonards Rd which has seen three landlords over the past 18 months has finally closed it's doors for ever. The Bakers Arms had its heyday in the 1980s but long before that in the 1800s was the bakery which baked the bread from the flour milled by the nearby (long lost) windmill on the other side of the road.  Plans are now to save the main building, convert it to a house and build two new houses, one to the side and one to the back.  

Carey's Meadow Threatened!

You may have heard of consultation over a masterplan for the 'Deal Ground and Utilities Site'? It sounds very boring, but covers the future of the former power station site, behind the railway depot at Crown Point, and the Deal Ground, currently derelict land (although part is a nature reserve outwith the plan) on the south side of the river Wensum, between the river Yare and the railway.

These areas, particularly the Utilities Site, north of the river, give great opportunities for sustainable uses and for foot and cycle access to Whitlingham Country Park and for a strategic link in National Cycle Network route 1 (Norwich to Yarmouth). One proposal, by CRed (Carbon Reduction) is for a carbon-neutral biomass power station, fuelled by rail or river, and eco-friendly offices, housing and visitor facilities, with plenty of green space.

However, this is only one of four options, three of which involve a new road bridge across the river Wensum (in addition to foot and cycle crossings) and, worse, two of which involve a new road across Carey's Meadow - the much-loved piece of countryside in the city, on Thorpe Hamlet's doorstep.

Go to the consultants' web-site for more information and details of the consultation (such as it is). NB the link opens in a new window. The actual information takes a long time to download - which shows how committed to real consultation they are!

This information was kindly supplied by Chris Wood of the website


City Council Representative.

I am one of 8 members of a fairly new team working for the City Council. We each are working intensively in an identifiable patch within the City. I am
concentrating on Thorpe Hamlet. I have only recently come across your website and thought that it might be good to contact you.

Jeff Compton
Community Engagement Officer,  Norwich City Council

40 year old newspaper clipping found.

A 40 year old report from the Eastern Daily Press has been found by Sheila Keith that reveals the story behind the comprehensive book about the area written by Geoffrey Goreham. This item is of interest to anyone researching the history of the area. You can download an Acrobat file of the report here (if you don't have the free Acrobat reader you can download a copy here)

You can read the text of the booklet that was also written about Thorpe Hamlet for the then Residents Association by Geoffrey Goreham here. Click on this link to read the text of this interesting booklet that is now out of print


Community Sign

Book Launch        Book Cover
The Hamlet now has a new community sign on the small green at the  bottom of Ketts Hill.

Photo's of the  book launch 9th June 04

Click on the thumbnail for a full size picture then click the 'back' button to return
Photographs by Peter Montague



e-mail from Eastern Evening News
Local Correspondent Jane Nock

I am currently the Community Life Correspondent for EEN for Sprowston and Heartsease areas, a small, very part-time job which has made me aware that many of the very interesting events going on in Thorpe Hamlet often fail to make these pages (Tuesday's EEN). I have spoken to Caroline Jenkinson at the press who agreed that as the area does not have official cover there would be no objection to my passing on information from the area. The pages can be used for pre-publicity, reporting events, special achievements, celebrations, in fact anything of interest.

I have was brought up in Thorpe Hamlet, on Marion Road, until the family moved in 1958, so have a very genuine interest in the area. Thorpe Hamlet Middle School reunion was a very nostalgic experience for me as is the Memories of Thorpe Hamlet book.

Please get in touch if you have anything appropriate. My telephone number is 01603 438363 and my e-mail address is
*  JaneNock(at) I have to emphasis that I am not a reporter as such and do this almost as a hobby. It is very useful way of promoting interest and, a bonus for me, I have got to know some very nice people.

Jane Nock
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We have received the request below from a national charity with it's headquarters on the fringe of the Hamlet.

Can you spare three or four hours a week as a helpline volunteer
for Beat (Beating eating disorders )?    We need your helping hand

Have you ever thought that you would like to spend some of your time helping others but not known where to start? Over a million people in the UK have an eating disorder and donít know where to turn for help. By volunteering to work on our helpline you could be the person who helps them on the road to recovery.

Beat is a national charity offering help, support and information to people whose lives are affected by eating disorders, in particular anorexia and bulimia nervosa.

The national helpline is based in Norwich at 103 Prince of Wales Rd and is open Monday - Friday from 10.30am-8.30pm and on Saturdays from 1.00pm - 4.30pm and we need volunteers to work on the line. You would bring your own skills and personality to the role and we would train you to do the job. No experience of eating disorders is necessary, rather the ability to offer a listening ear and a non-judgmental response and a willingness to become familiar with beat information and policies.

We ask for a commitment of three or four hours a week of your time and in return you would gain new skills and be part of a friendly team with ongoing support and training and the fulfilment of knowing you are helping others.  beat pays travelling and car parking expenses.

If you would like to know more about becoming a telephone helpline volunteer, please telephone beat on 01603 753312 between 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday and speak to a Helpline Manager. Or e-mail them at

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