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Welcome to the Thorpe Hamlet Web site!

Here you will learn a little of the history of Thorpe Hamlet,  find anecdotes about the people who have lived and worked here, search for information about lost friends and relatives, as well as some up to date  information about this thriving area. You will also find out about the  book that local residents of the Hamlet put together and published in June 2004, now reprinted as well as the new publication about the road names in the Hamlet

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The Thorpe Hamlet Book

One of the most popular pages on the site is the Personal Memories page.

Here you can read messages from other visitors to the site, read their memories of living in the area and perhaps you can answer some of the questions raised there.

Some people have located long lost friends an relatives who have moved across the world.

Visit the Personal Memories page

The book launched in 2004 has sold out, however it may occasionally be available via St Matthews Church .

Click here to find out more and read quotes from the book 'Memories of Thorpe Hamlet' .

Don't miss the new booklet  on road names in the hamlet

Book Cover

New local history project

Local Links

What's up your street?

The local history group have been working on a project to collect and publish the stories behind all the street names in the Hamlet. For a taster start here with a page that's Right up my street

Now the group are working on a booklet about all the shops that have disappeared from the Hamlet. More info here

Find the tropical garden in the Hamlet!

Discover the number of sites based in Thorpe Hamlet.

Visit the Forum in Norwich, see Norwich live through the live BBC webcams.

Read the local press.

Find local accommodation and lots more interesting sites on our links page.


History of Thorpe Hamlet

The 1972 Geoffrey Goreham  history of Thorpe Hamlet delves back much further than the Memories of Thorpe Hamlet Book. Read it here


New lease of life planned for the Ketts Heights

Following local community interest in the slightly rundown Ketts Heights a committee of local residents is exploring ways that this valuable city resource can be made really useful to local residents, City residents as a whole and to visitors to our fine City.  Proposals include an area of allotments and a walkway between Gas Hill and Ketts Hill

If you are interested in finding out more then send an e-mail to the address at the bottom of the page

Photo Gallery   ship thumbnail

Visit the Photo Gallery pages and see if you can spot any of your relatives or Thorpe Hamlet sights and locations that have now disappeared.

Submit your own photographs of Thorpe Hamlet.

Saint Matthews Church

The Parish Church in Thorpe Hamlet is Saint Matthew's Church in Telegraph Lane West.

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